I Want Minions by Erin Farwell



I thought I’d share this post by fellow Author Erin Farwell. What exactly are minions? Read her post and find out. On Writing Wranglers and Warriors.

Originally posted on Writing Wranglers and Warriors:

IMG_3021_1Long before the Despicable Me movies were created, when people asked me what I wanted for birthday and Christmas gifts I told them minions. No, I don’t want to take over the world, just manage my corner of it a little better. If I had minions, they would do my bidding and wash clothes, do dishes, vacuum the house, dust, clean the bathrooms (my husband would be particularly excited about this), grocery shop, plan meals for the week, and cook them as well. They could wait on hold for 45 minutes until the person I need to speak to finally comes on the line, or do any other task I set them too.Image result for minions

Do not fear, though, for I would be a kind and benevolent minion overlord. They would have soft beds, play time, and chocolate pudding for breakfast. All I’d ask for in return is the completion of a…

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Fear — and learning to accept criticism



Here’s another post from Writing Wranglers and Warriors I think you’ll like. Author Mike Staton has a lot to say about when he began writing and how important it is to take criticism to make your work better.

Originally posted on Writing Wranglers and Warriors:

This post written by Mike Staton. This post written by Mike Staton.

When nine years old, I wrote a novel. What am I hearing? Clapping? Please keep down the applause. It really was a humble endeavor.

I was home sick. Not sure why. Too many years have passed. Could not have been the flu with all its symptoms – vomiting, wooziness, an unbearable headache. I’d never have been able to sit on the couch and write the science fiction tale on the pages of my Mom’s notepad. My guess? A bad cold. Lots of coughing and sneezing, maybe a minor headache. But not sapping enough to keep me from writing my first book.

The pages of Mom’s notepads usually became grocery lists, letters to Ohio relatives, sickness excuses for me, and new recipes. On a school day in 1961 some of the pages of one notepad became Alien from Planet Z.

Is this how you began? Writing short stories or a novel by long hand. That's how I began. Is this how you…

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Coincidence or Synchronicity?



This is such a great post I can’t help sharing it with my readers. Is there a connection? Read this post by Author Stephanie Stamm on Writing Wranglers and Warriors and find out!

Originally posted on Writing Wranglers and Warriors:

Steph_2_cropped. jpgBy Stephanie Stamm

Merriam-Webster defines coincidence as “the occurrence of events that happen at the same time by accident but seem to have some connection.”

Synchronicity is defined as “the coincidental occurrence of events and especially psychic events (as similar thoughts in widely separated persons or a mental image of an unexpected event before it happens) that seem related but are not explained by conventional mechanisms of causality.” This definition includes the note that this meaning of the term is “used especially in the psychology of C. G. Jung.”

I’ve been thinking about these terms because of something that happened to me last week on one of my evening walks.

I was about three-quarters of the way through my walk, on my way back to the apartment where I’m currently staying, when a car pulled up beside me. The woman behind the wheel lowered the passenger side window and said…

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Flood the World with Kindness



One of my favorite author friends wrote this post on Writing Wranglers and Warriors today and I’d like to share it with you! Start your day out with kindness!

Originally posted on Writing Wranglers and Warriors:

Gayle & Mary outsideThis post by Gayle M. Irwin

Be Kind to Animals Week began this week. I originally thought it ran through Sunday, May 10, which happens to be Mother’s Day; however, within a week, I found a new website that says it runs until Saturday, May 9th. Either way, this special week overlaps the weekend we celebrate the special women in our lives, mostly our mothers and grandmothers (or those women who were like Mom and Grandma to us).

This year marks 100 years since Be Kind to Animals Week started being observed by organizations such as the American Humane Association, and this year marks the 99th year of Mother’s Day being officially recognized. During this special week, we can encourage kids, other adults, as well as ourselves to be kinder to others.

Cody and Mary_outside“Teach the children well,” are words in a Crosby, Stills and Nash song:

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Americans Amble Africa by Erin Farwell



There’s a real treat on Writing Wranglers and Warriors today. Author Erin Farwell​ shares some of a trip she took to Africa, plus awesome pictures!

Originally posted on Writing Wranglers and Warriors:

IMG_3021_1A few months ago I wrote about climbing Kilimanjaro and last month shared my adventures in Slovenia. Today we return to Africa and what happened after we spent the week on the highest mountain on that continent. There isn’t time here for our entire adventure but we’ll start at the beginning…

There were 10 of us in the group, including myself, my husband and father-in-law. There was a core group with whom we’d hiked with in the North Georgia Mountains plus as few other people someone else knew and invited to join us. We had less than 24 hours before we left our lodge and got in the two white vehicles to head out to the Serengeti. Our gear was piled on top, we had a driver and an assistant, and off we went.

Our first stop was Lake Manyara. We stopped at our campsite to unload the gear and…

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Four-Sentence Book Review: A Broom of One’s Own



Thought you all might enjoy this post on Writing Wranglers and Warriors about writing long sentence reviews. This also applies to any writing – it’s a personal thing. Follow along with Author Kathy Waller as she explains her process. Published on Writing Wranglers and Warriors.

Originally posted on Writing Wranglers and Warriors:


Posted by Kathy Waller

A while back, I accepted a challenge to write a book review of  Nancy Peacock’s memoir A Broom of One’s Own inonly four sentencesStarting well before the due date, I wrote the first sentence of the review over and over and deleted it over and over. Sometimes I wrote the same sentence several times in a row. Sometimes I made up a new sentence. After weeks of torment, I produced the following review.


I like Nancy Peacock’s A Broom of One’s Own: Words About Writing, Housecleaning & Life so much that it’s taken me over two months and two missed deadlines to untangle my thoughts and write this four-sentence review, an irony Peacock, author of two critically acclaimed novels, would no doubt address were I in one of her writing classes.

She would probably tell me that there is no perfect…

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Is Cursive Writing Being Cursed?



Here’s a very good post on Writing Wranglers and Warriors. It discusses the pros and cons of teaching children cursive writing in schools. Written by Author Neva Bodin, the post raises a lot of questions.

Originally posted on Writing Wranglers and Warriors:

105182105411111CDPby Neva Bodin

In the Casper Star Tribune, Sunday, November 25, 2012, p A2, a headline by Christina Hoag, Associated Press, blared: “Penmanship still rules in Calif. Schools.” A subtitle read: “Most states erase cursive writing from their curriculms (sic); keyboard skills become higher priority.” Do you find it ironic that the person keyboarding that title misspells curriculums?

“Bucking a growing trend to eliminating cursive from elementary school curriculums or making it optional, California is among the states keeping longhand as a third-grade staple,” said the article.

The article also stated, “Dustin Ellis, fourth-grade teacher at Big Springs Elementary School in Simi Valley, said he assigns a cursive practice packet as homework, but if he had his druthers, he’d limit cursive instruction to learning to read it, instead of writing it. Out of his 32 students, just three write in cursive, he noted.” (If no one writes…

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Balancing The Scale



Author Doris McCraw​’s post on Writing Wranglers and Warriors is full of history and women
who helped form our country. She includes links to read about these incredible women and how hard they worked to be heard. This is a great piece. Don’t miss it!

Originally posted on Writing Wranglers and Warriors:

Post copyright 2015 by Doris McCraw


I am going preface this post with: I love men, men in history and the contributions they have made to our world story. Having said that, this post is about balancing the scale. History has made a practice of telling the story of our lives from the male perspective, and justifiably so, but they have failed to include the story of the females who did as much if not more.

You may ask why I’ve decided to go on this journey? It has brewed for some time. I write about the women who came before. I also write about the men. There needs to be that balance.

Don Moon as Theodore Roosevelt speaking at the Stewart House on Colorado College Campus

I give you a conversation I had with my friend Don Moon, who is brilliant as President Theodore Roosevelt. We were talking about…

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Those are NOT my monkeys!



My post today on Writing Wranglers and Warriors is all about saying No! Hope you enjoy it.

Originally posted on Writing Wranglers and Warriors:

propic11_1This post by L.Leander, Author of Fearless Fiction

Those are NOT my monkeys!3monkeys

Ever get into one of these predicaments? How do you handle it?

The school calls. The person calling apologizes, but the parent who was supposed to make 100 cupcakes for tomorrow is ill. Could you please take her place? What do you do?

  • Nicely ask your monkeys to get in their cage and give them a toy to play with?
  • Say no, sorry, I’m too busy but maybe next time, then spendcms_cupcake_1 the evening feeling guilty, even though you have a report that needs to go to your boss in the morning?
  • Say yes, feel totally overwhelmed, rush to get the report done while you bake and frost 100 cupcakes that you now have to drop off on your way to work and you haven’t even had time to sleep?

A friend calls with exciting news, although…

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Plannig More by SJ



You’ll love this post by SJ Brown. She talks of spring, flowers, counting butterflies, and volunteer ideas. Plus you can see her awesome photography. On Writing Wranglers and Warriors

Originally posted on Writing Wranglers and Warriors:

Sue profile_pp This Post by S. J. Brown

The brutal cold we are experiencing this winter has turned out to be perfect for taking time to plan. This year I plan to do a bit more. Like most people I am longing for springtime. This springtime will be different for me in more than one way. This will be our first spring in the new house. The gentle signs of spring I have looked forward to for over 20 years won’t be here this year, but they will be next year.

1 Crocus

At our former home I had spent years landscaping with plants and flowers that returned year after year. The new house is a semi blank canvas I plan to paint with the more than 50 plants I brought with me when we moved. The flower pots that protect them have been safely tucked under layers of mulch all winter, just waiting…

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