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Wow!  I didn’t realize that to be an author I’d have to wear so many hats.  To name a few; Author, Marketer, Editor, Book Cover Designer, Layout Designer, Formatter, Public Speaker, Research Analyst, Administrative Assistant, and lots more.  While I love writing, all the other stuff makes me crazy.  I want to create, not spend hours learning how to do something else on the computer.

For instance, I spent an entire week learning how to set up my first blog on another site.  I now have a permanent bald spot where I started pulling out hair while working on clickable links.  They almost did me in.  Almost, but not quite.  I have a “stay with it until it’s finished” attitude, and although I signed in exasperation and walked away more than once, some invisible thread kept pulling me back.

Perseverance did pay off.  I finally got Twitter, Facebook, and Blogger icons on my website and even got them to connect to the links I entered.  While I should have been ecstatic I was just tired!  Here’s the problem though.  I haven’t written anything all week.  Yikes!

Today I made a decision.  I am going to turn many of the things I can’t do over to other people, and I will continue my daily writing.  Yes, I’ll have to pay them, or barter.  Because I want to write!  And I am not so good at some of those other things and don’t enjoy them anyway.  I’m good at delegating, just ask my family.  And once I turn over these tasks to others, I can crawl my happy little self up to my workroom, close the door, and have a cup of tea with Inzared.  She misses me.  I miss her too…..

My link for today is to an e-book that I have found to answer many of my questions.  The name of the book is INDIE PUBLISHING SECRETS by Ami Blackwelder.  The author has included links to people she has used or heard of in her e-book publishing experience.  Included are editors, book cover designers, video trailer designers, formatters, and much more.  I have already contacted people I found inside with good success.  I hope it works for you, as well.

Author’s Note:  This was originally posted on my other blog in March of 2012.  I have now transferred all of those posts to WordPress.  And, after all the work I did, WordPress makes clickable links easy – go figure!

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L.Leander Books Facebook Page

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