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Things are coming along nicely and Inzared is on her way to the book cover designer and videographer to have a few things done.  While she’s there maybe she could get a massage?  I could sure use one.  I have been working around the clock trying to get many things accomplished to help Inzared on her publishing journey.  I’m that way with most of the people I like.  I try to help whenever and wherever I can, even if I end up in pain from doing things I know I shouldn’t.

Believe me, I know pain.  After two back surgeries and dealing with chronic pain daily, I am aware that I need to listen to my body and take breaks.  Then why don’t I, you ask?  Because I am invested in this novel, and I want to see it finished.  I have always had a “keep at it until it’s finished” attitude, and that has helped me accomplish many things in life.  I still have that mantra, although I don’t seem to be following my own advice.  I now have a permanent crick in my neck that is painful every time I turn my head, when I try to sleep, or even when I am dressing.  The cause?  The computer, of course.  No one can sit at a computer for hours without paying the price.  Here are the rules for doing anything that requires you to be seated over a task for a long time.

1.  Get a comfortable chair and use a back cushion, if needed

2.  Be sure the table or desk is the right height for you so that you are not lifting your arms to type and keep both feet on the floor

3.  Invest in a foam pad if you need it to alleviate pain in your wrists

4.  Get up often, take short breaks, stretch, and do neck and shoulder rolls

5.  Drink lots of water to stay hydrated

6.  Give your eyes a rest, close them for a few seconds, or take a nap

7. Use a muscle rub or analgesic for pain

8. Rest!

In Inzared’s day poultices and foul-smelling liniments were commonly used to alleviate pain.  Today we have a wealth of things to take over-the-counter, or an even wider array of help available at the doctor’s office.  With a little precaution we can sidestep them altogether.  Common Sense tells us to do the things listed above, but sometimes, Common Sense needs a little help!

For now, I’ll nurse my neck, try to do better this week, and continue on my path to publishing.  Today’s link is one from a group I belong to on Facebook called Indie Writer’s Unite!  The group is comprised of many writers who are following the path of the Indie Author.  There is a lot of information and many helpful published and soon-to-be published authors who will answer questions you have about every aspect of publishing.  I am proud to be a part of this wonderful group.  Check it out at

L.Leander Books Website

L.Leander Books Facebook Page

Need a book review?  Email me at

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