The House Is Now A Home


Disclaimer:  The picture above is not our house.  It’s a picture of colors we like and plants.  I’ll post one of ours as soon as I can find my camera!

If you’ve been following my recent posts you know that we moved into a new house.  I believe that I never want to move again.  Although the moving itself was fairly easy with the good help we had, I’m a lot older than when I’ve moved in the past.  Instead of looking at paint chips and drapery colors I yearn for a cup of herbal tea and a nap.

When we moved our things into the house I told our workers to leave everything on the main floor.  My thinking was that I’d need to sort everything anyway and could carry things up as I needed to.  What a complete idiot I am!  I ended hauling load after load up two sets of stairs and then most of it had to be washed, so I hauled them to the roof to wash and hang out on the line.  In case you’re not counting, that’s four sets of stairs (ok, so one of them is only five stairs, whatever!)

I wouldn’t consider myself old by any means but the spring in my step is gone (if you know what I mean).  Instead of bouncing up the stairs two by two, I crawl up them and stop to catch my breath often.  While I love the fact that I have the laundry facility (we didn’t have one in our last house and had to haul everything to a lavenderia) being on the third floor is a conundrum.  It’s out of the way and easy to access if you happen to be a squirrel.  The roof is flat and my husband strung clothesline for me to use so I can hang everything outside.   It definitely takes strength to climb the stairs with laundry basket in tow, get the wash started, climb back down, then up again to carry the wet clothes to the roof and hang them to dry.  (My favorite part of the process).

We lived for a week or two in the midst of a mess, but at this point our new digs look very livable.  Friends brought over our plants and they make the house look homey.  We love the bigger kitchen and having two full bathrooms.  I am ecstatic with the second floor, as the layout gives me space for all my creative endeavors, including quilting, playing music, reading and writing.  It’s quiet and sunny and I’m in heaven.

The bad thing is that we’ve moved even farther from the part of El Centro we love and from our friends.  We are probably ten blocks or so away.  However, even that has benefits.  My biggest gripe was all the walking I’ve had to do but the upside is that I went to the doctor last week and he was very pleased that I’ve kept all the weight off I lost last year.  All the moving, walking and hauling laundry helped, I’m sure.

Inzared is very happy.  She finally coerced me into spending time alone with her and Book Two is coming along nicely as she weaves her stories into a narrative that I put into my computer.  I am feeling relaxed and happy and that’s a good thing.

The only thing looming on my horizon to be worried about is NaNoWriMo.  I signed up to take the challenge and it will be grueling, I’m sure.  Since I’m a pantser I have no outline or even idea in mind.  But I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it – I’ve still got a couple of days to get organized!

Have you made a move that sapped your energy?  Tell us about it in the comments below.

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  1. Moving– one of my favorite things to do– NOT. My wife is a rearranger. I’ve told All our furniture will soon have wheels on them to make it easier. I’ll go away for a day and come back to a new situation– and I like sameness. I’ve told her if I ever go blind I’ll have to wear shin guards, ha!
    I feel for you, L, but I can imagine the view from your roof and envy you!

    • My husband and I get a little more attached every day – we won’t be moving any time soon unless something unexpected happens. I’m like your wife, I’m afraid. I love moving things around. Hubby is just like you – he hates it when I do that. So most of the time we get everything the way we both like it and I leave it alone – more time for writing!

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