Why Indies Rock!


Indie – I’ve heard the phrase through the years but not in the landslide it’s become today.  I remember a folk/rock band called The Indie Girls – I loved their music.  Their songs were cutting edge, the raw harmonies like nothing I’d ever heard.

They made a name for themselves by being different.

Like a lot of other authors, I always thought to go the traditional publishing route.  When I finished my manuscript (actually before then) I had such a longing to have people read the book, to enjoy it, that I wanted to get it out the fastest way possible.  I’d been hearing the term “Indie Author” and “Indie Publishing” but hadn’t really looked into it.  After hours of research I decided to try it.

Indies are Awesome!  I have to say that right up front, because even though I am one, I wouldn’t be here today without my fellow authors, marketers, readers, website designers, and video trailer designers.

You see, the premise of being an Indie Author is that you do everything yourself.  Well, maybe not EVERYTHING…

I did pay someone to make a video trailer for my book (I had no idea where to start and needed the time to finalize my manuscript).  I read every book on self-publishing I could get my hands on and one of them had a list of people to contact for various phases of the process.  I emailed a few video trailer designers, found one that seemed to have the same vision I did, and sent her my material.  It turns out she is an Indie Author too.  See what I mean?  She “got” it. The video trailer is awesome!   I had a designer do the cover and together the result was fantastic. The entire process was effortless and I made a new friend.  I’ll be contacting her shortly for the second book trailer.


I had no idea how to format my book for Kindle.  I belong to a writer’s group and there are several published authors, both Indie and traditional.  One of the Indies offered immediately to do the formatting for me as I was in a time crunch.  (I’m not sure the traditionally published authors would have even known how to format.)

Questions, did I ever have them!  I joined some Facebook and Twitter groups and made new friends.  Not only did they offer help if you asked, they actually offered before you formed the question.  With lots of online articles, publishing eBooks (most of them free) and the awesome Indie Authors I now call friends I was able to get my book published with very little problem.

One of my biggest dislikes is having to be everything.  Having to be everywhere.  As a mom I’ve done that for years, but it wasn’t my intent to have to do it with my writing.  However, it didn’t take long for me to realize that I could do many of the things with a little research and help from Indie Authors.  Here I have to interject that the term


Indie is a broad spectrum.  I’ve had marketing experts offer to help me gratis, beta readers, editors, and the like.  All of us form a core group of the movement called Indie Authors.  Although there is some resentment by a few of those authors
 are traditionally published,  
 many have even tried it themselves and are finding it exhilarating.  I love books.  I am in heaven in the library.  But today most of my books are on a Kindle and I carry the library with me.  I didn’t think I’d ever make the switch –I love the feel, the smell, and the touch of books.  But I have.

 I have a suggestion.  Try an Indie Author this week.  Pick a genre you like,buy it on Amazon or one of the other publishing sites online and give it a read.  You may find a diamond in the rough.


Yes, Indies rock.  I know they do because I wouldn’t be writing this post right now if itweren’t for my circle of Indie Author friends.  I’m proud to wear the title.  Are you?
Here are a few of my favorite people in the Indie Author hub (tell them Linda sent you.)
Authors: (only a few of my favorite friends – I don’t have enough room!)
Facebook Author Groups:
Book Reviewers:

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  1. Lovely. We Indies often get a bad rep but I think we’re doing more for ourselves by being exactly what we are: independent. Look at it this way: If we were all with trad publishers, we wouldn’t be meeting so many other great authors or reading nearly as many new authors as we do. I thank those agents that told me they had no idea how they would market Yassa every day. They gave me a gift worth more than gold! I love my fellow Indies! WRITE ON!

  2. Great post and true to the bone. I’ve even read a couple of authors on your list … shout out to Brian Beam and C. Michaels!

  3. I love this post, Linda. One thing I’ve found hard to believe when starting out was the support from other authors. It’s a great group of people to be around. Another is that the quality of indie books is improving so much. It’s difficult to pick indies from traditional. That is something we can all be proud of. Editors, designers, beta readers and especially our wonderful readers are the backbone of indie writers!

    I must say I love your book cover!

    I am also humble you would include me in your list of writers! I make a ponit to read indie books henever I can. Thank you

    • Thanks for the comment Dannie. I believe we have to give credit where credit is due. Kind of like “it takes a village to raise a child,” “it takes a metropolis to raise an author.” I couldn’t have gotten here alone!

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