It’s funny how traditions change and assimilate into our lives, sometimes without our even realizing it.  Take Black Friday, for instance.  When I was a kid there was no way you’d find a store open on Thanksgiving Day.  Didn’t happen.  People made sure they lay in supplies for their Thanksgiving feast well in advance of the day.  When it actually came, it was quiet and relaxing –  a time for our family to reflect and enjoy being together.  We watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade and my father watched the football game in the afternoon.  Other than that, we made snow forts, played table games or read.

The day after Thanksgiving (Friday) was fun because we didn’t have to go to school.  We played outside and ate leftover ham (my dad didn’t like Turkey much).  By Thanksgiving my mother always had her Christmas preparations made – the sewing all done and gifts wrapped.  Decorations went up on December 1st and came down the day after Christmas.

Somewhere in that tranquil tradition, according to a researcher who knows what he’s talking about, the term Black Friday was coined.  The real meaning of Black Friday, according to my research, is this:

The idea behind the term “Black Friday” is that on the day after Thanksgiving retail stores have enough sales to put them “in the black” for the year. “Black” refers to the accounting practice of recording losses in red and profits in black. Wiki.answers

Further research reveals a very different meaning:

The term Black Friday supposedly comes from the idea that merchants count on high sales to put them in the black not the red. Or so we thought, and we’ll try to clear this up in our last word in business today. Language guru Ben Zimmer, producer of the Visual Thesaurus, has tracked down what he believes to be the source of the phrase. He writes that the term actually originated in the 1960s in Philadelphia, and at the beginning merchants hated it because of the reason it was coined.

Traffic was so bad the day after Thanksgiving, police officers had to work 12-hour shifts, so they gave the day a negative and memorable name. And that’s the business news on MORNING EDITION, from NPR News. I’m Steve Inskeep. NPR

The funny thing is this – it was so subtle a change that many of us never even noticed!  Somewhere along the line stores realized shoppers would go into a frenzy over posted ads for special deals and the phenomenon that is Black Friday today began.  I’m very sure that in the beginning people were pretty well behaved, just eager to scoop up the deals.  However, today people even camp in tents in a line the day before!  How our world has changed.  Some of us have resisted the change – I, for one, dislike the frantic shopping that occurs and prefer to have my items purchased ahead of time.  However, I do like Cyber Monday because I can buy gifts in my pajamas from the comfort of my own home.

This Black Friday is different.  I’m part of a blog hop.  I’d like to offer you a gift – completely free – a download of my novel INZARED, Queen of the Elephant Riders.  You can go here to get the book free through November 24.

There are many great prizes to be had on this hop.  Follow this link to have chances to win some awesome Swag prizes and a Kindle!  This hop is only one day – so be sure you do it today.

Just for stopping by my site and posting a comment in the comments section, you will be entered to win a $10 gift card from from L.Leander Books.

Tell your friends about the Black Friday Blog Hop and send them here to link up.  I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving.  What do you think?  Do you like Black Friday shopping?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

If you leave a comment & hop around the other  Black Friday Blog Hop blogs, you could also have a chance to win prizes (other blogs for the hop are listed below).

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We have THREE grand prizes. Readers can visit EACH blog, comment with your email address and be entered to win. You can enter over 200 times!

The prizes are: (all prizes except Swag pack are international)

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Enjoy hopping – I hope you win!  Here are your “hopping” off places:
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  1. I have friends who love Black Friday shopping. I’d rather stay home and put up Christmas decorations. To most, Thanksgiving is just a “waiting day” for the shopping season to start. I wish people focused more on the holiday. That’s what we do anyway.

  2. We don`t have Black Friday deals here (I`m an international reader), so I`m just attending giveaways like this,lol.


  3. I am so glad to have found you on the black friday blog hop. I am always looking for new authors to read. Kim86004 (at)gmail(dot)com

  4. I’ve only shopped on Black Friday once and it was years ago. I don’t have this urge to repeat the experience because of the huge crowds.
    bituin76 at hotmail dot com

    • I’m with you. For years I did all my Christmas shopping very early. Then I could go out and enjoy the hustle and bustle without getting frustrated because I had to wait in long lines or couldn’t get what I wanted.

  5. I’m not a Black Friday shopper. I don’t believe that shopping should ever be a full contact sport. I spend the day baking cookies with my kiddos instead.

  6. I do not like crowds so BF shopping is not for me! I will be spending my day hopping and then snuggled up reading! Well that is after I decide on what new book I have just added to my to be read list! It gets longer every hop! Thanks!

    I am thankful for all the wonderful books I am finding on the hop!


  7. I don’t go shopping on Black Friday. I stay home and enjoy the quiet and the leftovers. The Friday after Thanksgiving was always just a day of relaxing when I was growing up. Thanks for the chance to win
    crystaley73 at yahoo dot com

  8. So glad I followed this hop. Your book is on my kindle. I can’t wait to review it. I love unique stories–preferably historical and featuring strong and amazing women! Thank you so much for the free download and happy holidays. tchevrestt(at)

  9. Hi! Happy Holidays to you! No, im not a shopper on black friday. I hate crowds. Thanks for the awesome hop and giveaway! Best wishes and many blessings to you!

  10. Already went out and did my Black Friday shopping for today (and did a bit last night, too!) I love BF and Cyber Monday shopping! Thank you for the lovely giveaway~ gonna relax the rest of the evening just enjoying this hop. 🙂

    MostlyMisha [at] gmail [dot] com

  11. This is the BEST way to spend Black Friday. Sitting at home, hopping with old friends and making new ones. I can’t handle the crowds anymore so I only do Black Friday shopping online if I do any. I tend to pick up gifts throughout the year so come November I’m finished. That way I can spread out the purchasing and not spend a fortune at the time of the year when my job is at its slowest and my paycheck is at its lowest. Thanks for being part of the hop and for the chance to win.
    reneebennett35 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  12. Our Christmas decorations go up about the first of December and down a week or so after New Years!

    susanmplatt AT hotmail DOT com

  13. I do all of my black friday shopping online! You can get the same deals and free shipping! Thanks for participating in the hop!


  14. Camping out the night before is nothing. I saw a news report about people camping out for the entire week. I’m certain the only sane thing to do on black friday is stay home and lock the front door!


  15. I liked doing my Black Friday shopping online today. It’s much easier. Thanks for participating! katieamanda1(at)yahoo(dot)com

  16. I like Black Friday shopping, but I go in with a plan. I know what I want, and I avoid the giant deals that require a five hour wait in line. I also do some shopping online.

    isabelli3619 (at) aol (dot) com

    • I think that’s the best plan. If you have a plan and know what you’re after it can be fun. I just don’t like the madness of people fighting over a few things on the shelves that are a ridiculous price. Takes all the joy out of the holidays for me.

  17. I’m definitely a stay at home kind of person, so no black Friday shopping for me 🙂
    Thanks for being a part of this great hop!

    • I think Cyber Monday is a favorite – you don’t even have to get dressed if you don’t want to and can shop from the convenience of your own home. But, my sis and her girls shop in their pjs on Black Friday, so go figure!

  18. I spent this Black Friday taking my daughter and her friends to the movies and avoiding all the crowds at the mall. We saw Rise of the Guardians and it was lots of fun. Thanks for being in the hop!

    jochibi AT yahoo DOT com

  19. I love Black Friday shopping, but this year I waited until the store was almost empty and I still got all the specials on my list. I live in a small town and even though there are a couple hundred people in Wal-Mart, most are friendly and they even say excuse me when they push you to get to what they want. I would never shop in the places they show in the news, way too scary., but in my town, I try to go every year.


  20. I have never truly experienced Black Friday. I was thinking that maybe next year I might participate in the online sales. But I am not one for crowded places, or the crazies that i’m bound to encounter. Thanks for being a part of this great hop!! 🙂
    oddball2003 at hotmail dot com

  21. I don’t remember ANYTHING being open on Thanksgiving when I was younger. I am not sure when Black Friday really came around but I tried it for the first time last year. It was not for me! I am going to try Cyber Monday this year. I only have a few people to shop for and I already know what I want to get them so I will probably just shop for me. 🙂

    Thanks so much for being a part of the hop and for the giveaway!

    Happy Holidays,

  22. Happy Black Friday and thanks for the chance to win some great prizes! I don’t really do Black Friday. I’m an online deal shopper and prefer not to mess with the crazy mass of people all trying to get a bargin!
    kacidesigns AT yahoo DOT com

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