Best Book In A Series


Today’s Book MeMe Challenge is to tell about your favorite book in a series.  Yesterday I said my favorite series is The Godfather by Mario Puzo.  My favorite book in the series is The Sicilian.  The book takes Michael Corleone back to the land of his father’s birth.  He is subjected to the same culture that fashioned TIEbookmemebuttonhis father into the most feared mob boss of all time.  He begins to realize what makes his father tick, all the while enjoying the lush countryside of Sicily.  He is not the “runaway” fugitive from the US, but instead, he is looked at as someone who can fix problems and change the plight of his people.  I loved this glimpse into the history behind Don Corleone and the molding of his son Michael’s character.  It makes you understand the story and the characters more.

I’d love to hear your comments – what is your favorite book in a series?

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