A Book I Hated



Hate is a pretty strong word and I really love books, but there are a few I just couldn’t get through, no matter how hard I tried.  One of those was Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.  I know it’s touted as a great classic, but all the gibberish and silliness just didn’t hold my attention.  I’ve watched the movie and feel the same way about it.  Sorry if you’re a fan.  I’m not.  While the writing may be spectacular (I didn’t get far enough into the book to see) the content is not (in my humble opinion).  My reading rule is that if I don’t get hooked in the first two or three chapters I give myself permission to put the book down and I don’t pick it up again.  There are too many wonderful books to explore.

I’d love to hear your thoughts – leave me a comment – what do you think?

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    • I’m part of a 30 day Book MeMe that includes telling your readers about the books you have read in your life. This is my own opinion (and mine only). I would never say things to purposely hurt another writer but I don’t think Lewis Carroll would even care about what I think, given his rousing success with the book. I just happened to be one of the few people who didn’t love it – sorry Mr. Carroll!

  1. Our responses are as personal and individual as we are. I don’t read zombie or vampire books. They just don’t interest me at all. That doesn’t mean they are bad. It just means I, persona;;y, don’t like them. It’s sometimes hard to keep that in mind when friends and family show no interest in my work. After all I’m the next best thing since sliced bread – right? 😀

  2. You’re exactly right, Yvonne. “Different strokes for different folks” as my dad used to say. I rarely read Science Fiction, although one of them ended up in this Book MeMe because I read it and actually enjoyed it. I agree about friends and family – some of mine have been so supportive and others have not – but as a writer I have to understand that my book just may not be their cup of tea (like Alice in Wonderland wasn’t mine). Thanks for commenting!

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