A Book That Changed My Opinion About Something


Day 26 of the 30-Day Book MeMe.  Wow these questions are getting hard!  I’m having toTIEbookmemebutton dig deep to find the answers.  Now let me see…..ah, I’ve got it!  The Killing Fields by Christopher Hudson.  The book is based on true facts – atrocities that occur during the early 1970s in Cambodia where the communist Khmer Rouge are trying to overthrow the American backed government of Lon Nol.  Although I was a young adult during the time this happened, my husband was stationed in Germany and we didn’t see the terrible effects of Vietnam, even though many friends suffered and died.  I read this book much later, but it brought the graphic horror of war to life and made me rethink the opinions I had previously entertained.  The book isn’t “good” reading because it’s very graphic and hard to digest, but it definitely sheds light on the happenings in Cambodia and the Vietnam War.

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  1. That was a great book. I happened to be in Thailand when the killing and the clearing of of the capital Phnom Penh. It was a terrible time for these people. Anyone with an education; teachers, doctors, and even people who wore glasses– thought to be educated were killed outright or sent to the country to work as slaves.

    There’s a book that will give real, true insight to what it was like titled, Frist They Killed My Father by Loung Ong.

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