13 Extreme Tips for Writers Series by L.Leander


I’d like to announce the release of my two newest offerings – two short booklets for the beginning writer.  Since I began my self-publishing journey in June of 2012 I’ve had to “fly by the seat of my pants.”  I’m not alone – there are lots of other Indie authors out there who have been doing the same thing.

These books are intended for the author who is new to publishing and needs an easy guide to use for a roadmap.  The books are a compilation of my thoughts, tips and links to guide the user to success.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing non-fiction, although I am happy to be back at work on the second book in my fiction series, INZARED, The Fortune Teller, scheduled for release in March of 2013

So, drum roll please, let me introduce you to the 13 Extreme Tips for Writers Series.

13extThe first book, 13 Extreme Tips to Self Publishing, is a concise guide for the Indie author who seeks to publish their first works.  I’ve included some of the things that happened to me, links I found useful, and coaching to help authors avoid some of the problems I faced.

The second book is 13 Extreme Tips to Marketing an eBook.  Like the self-publishing guide13marketingtipscover this booklet is short and to the point.  Marketing is one of the hardest things I’ve had to do as an Indie author and  included are lots of helpful links and tips.  Branding yourself and your books, blogging, and how to use social media for marketing are some of the chapters included.

There’ll be more books in the 13 Extreme Tips for Writers series later in 2013.  At the moment I am focused on finishing the second book in the INZARED series and a mystery I started several years ago titled Tithe by Murder.

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  1. What a great idea, Linda. I also went into publishing blind and absolutely hate marketing. Giving new authors a leg up is something we all should do to raise the standards of indie authors!

    • Thanks Dannie. That’s my intent. When I started publishing there were days I wanted to throw up my hands and walk away. But then I’d receive a helping hand from another author and I’d get a little closer. Helping each other is what it’s all about!

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  4. Thanks Cherley. Marketing is not what I expected. I love writing and would just continue doing that if I had a choice, however, you have to get the word out or no one will read your books. I’ve found that marketing is doable and actually something I enjoy by putting it in perspective – just hoping I can help others with my experience.

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