Nothing Good Is Free (New Release by Author Matthew Horn)


nothinggoodisfreeDetective Martell of the Chicago Police Department has a big problem on his

hands when he discovers a connection between a recent drug bust and a case

he worked on in the ’80s. Not sure if he can trust his peers, Martell goes

to the one person he knows he can count on: Jeff Scott.

Jeff has taken over as the city’s vigilante after Jim, his predecessor, was

killed in a drug bust. Toward the end, Jim’s demeanor took a turn for the

worse as he became more violent in his work and went after bigger thugs,

which ultimately led to his untimely demise. The last thing Jeff wants is to

let a life of violence get the better of him and end up like Jim. So, in a

pursuit to avoid the same destiny as his mentor, he seeks the truth about

Jim and the life he led before the two joined forces.


Jeff turned around and saw Martell standing out in the open across the

street.  Martell was waving his hands in the air and pointing east up the

street.  Jeff looked and saw the headlights of a car coming.  Even if it

wasn’t Porter, he still didn’t want to be seen.

He darted to the right and clambered up and over the gate in between the two

buildings.  There were no windows here on either building, but he now had

access to the back of the building.

He made his way back and came out on a small patio.  It was completely

fenced in and had a glass sliding door that gave entry to Porter’s


He heard the car pull up to the curb and turn off.  He ran back down the

tight pathway to the front of the building and peered through the small

opening between the gate and building.

Porter was getting out of his car as Jeff put his eye up to the hole.  He

watched as he worked his immense body out of the car and shuffled up the

sidewalk to the building.

As he opened the door and entered the building, Jeff hurried back to the

door at the patio.  He stopped at the corner and crouched low, peering


To his incredible surprise, Jeff saw Rick standing inside Porter’s apartment

frantically trying to work the lock to the sliding door.  What on Earth is

he doing here, Jeff thought to himself?  Jeff felt a sinking feeling knowing

that Rick was completely gripped by panic.  He was out of his element and

could not work his fingers with enough control to simply slide the lock to

the side.

Jeff found himself willing Rick to get the lock open, but at the last second

Rick turned his head and ran away from the door.  Porter entered the kitchen

that led to the patio, and Jeff could see that he had his gun drawn.

Rick was in huge trouble.  Jeff watched Porter move around the kitchen as if

he were looking for something.  He knew someone was in there with him.  He

walked toward the door to the patio, and Jeff ducked back behind the wall

preparing for Porter to walk out onto the porch.

After a few seconds, Jeff peered back around the corner and saw the back of

Porter as he walked away from the patio door and into the living room just

off of the kitchen, the same way Rick had just run.

Jeff took a deep breath and for a moment thought about running back to get

Martell.  He quickly dismissed it knowing there was not enough time.  He

sprang up from his position and for the few moments it took him to pick the

lock he was in complete view of anyone who had cared to look thanks to a

small light just above his head.

The snap of the lock was loud when Jeff finally forced it back, and he

jumped back behind the wall leaving the door open just slightly.  He hoped

Porter would hear the lock and come out on the patio thinking Rick had left

through this door.  After several agonizing minutes, Jeff finally decided

Porter was not coming this way.

He peered around again, and seeing no one, jumped up and entered the

apartment.  He moved left through the living room and immediately heard

terrible noises from the other side of the apartment.  The sound reminded

him of a hammer being slammed down on a soft, wet wood.  It was deep and it

thumped over and over again.

Jeff felt a malaise come over him.  He completely neglected preparation and

secrecy and simply walked forward, leaving the living room and entering a

small hallway.  He moved right down the hall and arrived at a bedroom where

the door was open.


Jacket Cover Picture_1Growing up in north-central Indiana, Matthew learned the value of a good imagination at an early age. Bob Kane and Bill Finger’s Batman, Clive Cussler’s Dirk Pitt, and Ian Fleming’s James Bond were constant visitors to Matthew’s imaginative world.

At the age of 14 Matthew began taking writing classes from none other than his own mother. Having a Master’s in English, she wanted her children to be able to communicate properly with the written word. Of course, Matthew hated this. However, nearly twenty years later the lessons learned combined with the imagination born from sheer boredom have cultivated a desire to share his imaginings.

To better tell his adventure stories, Matthew began taking lessons in Martial Arts in 2011. Having achieved a Red Belt in Tae Kwan Do and having broken his nose during a sparring session, Matthew has a unique ability to combine his imagination with real-life experiences to tell stories in a way that are creative and adventurous, yet gritty and realistic.

In September of 2011 Brighton Publishing made Matthew’s second book, The Good Fight, his first published novel. The sequel, Nothing Good is Free is now out in eBook and will be released by Brighton in paperback in March 2013. The final installment, The Price We Pay is currently being written and will hopefully be released during the summer of 2014.

You can contact him by clicking the “Email the Author” link from the homepage. You can also follow Matthew on both Facebook and Twitter.

Links to Matthew Horn

Matthew R. Horn, Author

The Good Fight


Nothing Good is Free Now in E-Book

If you order my book between now and March 16, make sure you visit the John 3:16 Marketing Network launch page and enter your sales receipt in the rafflecopter for a chance to win a Kindle, a $50 Amazon gift card, and a $10 Starbucks card. Must order by March 16 to take advantage of these great prizes

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