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Writing Wranglers and Warriors

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I recently attended a training meeting for my Mary Kay business and heard this bit of wisdom: Why do you make excuses? You’re the only one who believes them! At Bible Study we were given this advice: Remember HALT! Don’t make decisions when you are hungry, angry, lonely or tired. And I would add, anxious.cat yawn

There is no end to the list of books and advice on how to be more positive, have more energy, increase creativity, productivity, and longevity…and so on. Every woman’s magazine has an article promoting dieting, making scrumptious recipes, and having a better sex life. People who get eight hours of sleep, exercise at least 30 minutes, and spend time meditating are healthier, I’m told. And don’t forget the power nap, which seems to gain more power the older I get. Advice abounds!

grandmaI used to see pictures of Gramps and Granny rocking…

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Author of Fearless Fiction, L.Leander is an author, freelancer and songwriter. She says she credits her love of singing to her father, and her artistic talents to her mother, who was a painter. Both loved to read and write poems and short stories. "Nothing makes me as happy as curling up with a good book, or my guitar," Ms. Leander says. INZARED, QUEEN OF THE ELEPHANT RIDERS is the author's first novel. She is currently working on the sequel and a non-fiction series.

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