Daredevil or Mouse?


I’d like to share the post I wrote for Writing Wranglers and Warriors blog today. Hope you enjoy it – leave me a comment if you do!

Writing Wranglers and Warriors

propic11_1_1 This post by L.Leander, Author of Fearless Fiction

Do you take life by the horns? Do you use the opportunities presented to you to enjoy unusual places and experiences that you might not otherwise? Are you outgoing and fearless or quiet and reserved?

It’s interesting that personalities differ and it definitely makes the world a better place. I watch kids skateboarding and biking on my street and say to my husband, “They’re going kill themselves!”

When my siblings and I were growing up I was the “good” one. Not to say that my siblings weren’t good but the three of them caused my parents headaches by doing things I never would have thought of. I was always worried that my mom and dad would be disappointed if I did something they didn’t like. Since I was interested in reading and singing it wasn’t much of a problem for me. I did…

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Author of Fearless Fiction, L.Leander is an author, freelancer and songwriter. She says she credits her love of singing to her father, and her artistic talents to her mother, who was a painter. Both loved to read and write poems and short stories. "Nothing makes me as happy as curling up with a good book, or my guitar," Ms. Leander says. INZARED, QUEEN OF THE ELEPHANT RIDERS is the author's first novel. She is currently working on the sequel and a non-fiction series.

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