Becoming Confident


Need more confidence? Today’s post on Writing Wranglers and Warriors will give you some impetus to work on it. Written by Author Neva Bodin.

Writing Wranglers and Warriors

105182105411111CDPby Neva Bodin

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right,” said Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company and maker of a car that was more affordable for the general public.

I remember back in high school, when looks became important, (as in how I looked and how the boy of my dreams looked, the one who made me tingle when he got close, and who didn’t even know I existed), some girls who weren’t what I considered pretty at all were still popular. Now, I know where your mind just went, (besides shaking your head at the extra-long sentence) and no, it wasn’t always the ones who were “easy.” It was the ones who had confidence.

Through my Linkedin Pulse Connection, I found a website——that lists “Twelve Things Truly Confident People do Differently” by Travis Bradberry, Author, ‘Emotional Intelligence 2.0’.

His first “thing”…

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Author of Fearless Fiction, L.Leander is an author, freelancer and songwriter. She says she credits her love of singing to her father, and her artistic talents to her mother, who was a painter. Both loved to read and write poems and short stories. "Nothing makes me as happy as curling up with a good book, or my guitar," Ms. Leander says. INZARED, QUEEN OF THE ELEPHANT RIDERS is the author's first novel. She is currently working on the sequel and a non-fiction series.

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