She Was Just a Cow, But…

She Was Just a Cow, But…

Lovely and poignant post by author Neva Bodin on today’s Writing Wranglers and Warriors. Be sure to give it a read.

Writing Wranglers and Warriors

105182105411111CDPby Neva Bodin

“Yeah, that’s a lot of hamburger on the hoof!” “Just a dumb critter.” Both of these observations have been carelessly made regarding cows. But…there was a cow….

Her name was Penny. A dark red coat covered her from hoof to ears, making her look like she wore a turtleneck sweater. A white face and pink nose completed her bovine look. A big sandpaper tongue could rough you up with love if you got too close. Her motive in life, primal or pure–she wanted to be a mama.Newborn_hereford JPE (2)

This story starts in late spring. For the third year in a row, Penny took matters into her own hands…er…hooves. Our plans just weren’t put into action quick enough for Penny.

On a beef farm, the annual births of calves are scheduled. Shelter space, marketing time, and weather all figure in. On our Minnesota farm, the bull was re-united with his cow harem each…

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Author of Fearless Fiction, L.Leander is an author, freelancer and songwriter. She says she credits her love of singing to her father, and her artistic talents to her mother, who was a painter. Both loved to read and write poems and short stories. "Nothing makes me as happy as curling up with a good book, or my guitar," Ms. Leander says. INZARED, QUEEN OF THE ELEPHANT RIDERS is the author's first novel. She is currently working on the sequel and a non-fiction series.

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