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A Book Everyone Hated But I Liked


Day 29 of the Book MeMe.  My answer?  The Blair Witch Project: A Dossier by D.A.TIEbookmemebutton Stern.  I absolutely loved the movie The Blair Witch Project.  It was homemade footage of a team sent to investigate a paranormal occurrence in the deep woods of Massachusetts.  They never returned.  Later the diaries and footage were discovered and made public.  The book was written after the movie, to compile all the data together.  I knew from the start that the “based on a true story” was not true and that it was a college-student project.  No matter – I loved the rough, jerky camera and the terror that ensued.  The book brings the movie to life by documenting the research and filmmaking techniques used to create this terrifying movie of three college students who find much more than a paranormal occurrence in their attempt to research the strange goings-on.  Other people hated both the movie and the book – I loved them!

Any comments?  I’d love to hear what you think.

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L.Leander’s Reviews and Interviews Is Now Live!


I’d like to invite you to a new blog I’m hosting called L.Leander’s Reviews and Interviews.  Each week I’ll interview an author whose work I have read and reviewed.  I have an interesting line-up scheduled and there are instructions for submitting your own book for review if you are interested.

I am fortunate to have made many Indie Author friends.  This is my way to pay-it-forward to the amazing writers who have helped me journey through the world of publishing.

Grab a cup of coffee, head on over and learn all about my first guest, Author C. Michaels.  Ms. Michaels has written a political thriller, The Bill of Human Wrongs, that will keep you on the edge of your seat.  I’ve asked some crazy questions, but Ms. Michaels handles them with grace and honesty.

Sine I’m an avid reader as well as an author, I’m thoroughly enjoying this new venture.  I hope you’ll join me every Monday as I post a new book review and author interview.  Don’t forget to leave comments – otherwise the featured author will think I’m a total schmuck at this!  Thanks – see you there.

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